Brew wife (/bro͞o wīf/) : a sophisticated lady married to a wonderful man who is obsessed with making (beer, ale, etc.) by steeping, boiling, and fermenting malt and hops while turning our small apartment into a chaotic mess and completely taking over the fridge to fill it with beer.

the world is getting crafty

It is always a treat to try new beers, and there is a constant growing selection of craft beers from all over the world to discover.
Recently my best friend came to visit from Ecuador and brought us great gifts! Including some craft hand-crafted beer from Ecuador.
We had such a great time, I wish she could have stayed longer.... this is us after a session of  Om Brew Yoga at Wynwood Brewery...

So she brought us three different beers from Andes Brewing Co. You can check out their site here. Who knew that Ecuador had joined the craft beer movement? Seriously? It is so awesome to know that slowly this movement is taking over the world. People are starting to realize that mass produced generic beer is something of the past and are demanding taste and quality. Yay! for Cerveza Artesanal!

These are the Ecuador beers we sampled...

 They were all pretty tasty and had all the aromas and flavors that you would expect from these beer styles. I am a big stout fan so I was a hard critic on that one... personally, I believe it was lacking body, but it was still pretty enjoyable.
I think its great that brewers in other countries are introducing the quality of hand-crafted beers in their towns and are educating the locals on the brewing process and the different ingredients that it takes to make these delicious hand-crafted brews.
Thanks Lidia!! Miss you!

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