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9pm cookie craving

Its 9pm, I'm tired, but I cannot just throw the towel and go to bed.... no, there is something keeping me from just giving into sleep, something that is stronger.....a nutty, chocolaty, rich cookie craving!
So what is a girl to do under these circumstances? Well.... Bake! Of course!

I wanted something quick and easy but good enough to satisfy my need for chocolate. So I made Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cookies. You can find the recipe here from Joy the Baker, who I am crazy about (yes, another one for my baking-girl crush list).

The cookies were delicious! With just the right balance of chocolate I was looking for, they were a bit softer than what I usually prefer, I tend to like crunchy cookies best, but still satisfying.

I made them pretty large (about 2tbs each) and got 20 cookies. They were perfect with a cup of hot tea...

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