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Blood Orange craving

Blood Oranges have a pretty short season here in Florida compared to other orange types. I saw some at a farmers market and decide it would be a good time to try making something with them.
Of course the first thing we tried was a cocktail! Laz made me a Whiskey Sour using a blood orange as the citrus base but still used a little lemon juice. It was not quite as was more on the sweet side but I loved it! and it was PINK! enough said about that.

Browsing through pinterest for inspiration, I came across  a version of Pineapple Upside-down Cake but with the oranges instead. I found two recipes I liked but could not decide so I just combined what I liked the most about them.

This is the recipe I used for the actual cake, it was an almond cake mix and it was perfectly moist and fluffy and had a great almond flavor. I used this recipe for the syrup and the "upside down" part of the cake. I just simmered the oranges in the syrup until translucent and placed them in the bottom of the cake pan. The cake turned out to be super delicious and not overly sweet, perfect for tea time. I just really wished I had overlapped the oranges so that the cake would look as pretty as the one on the site...Oh well!.. I will just have to make it again....


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