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while in Panama

Our little family took a trip to Panama last week. We went to visit family and to celebrate Vera's baptism. We had such an amazing time, as always, and of course I got that feeling of staying there and not returning to reality.
Pretty cool things are happening in my home town lately....there is a ridiculously amazing boom in "craft" everything (beer, food, cocktails) and people are moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

We went to a market on Sunday and I was really impressed by the variety of artisan items for sale and the amazing food and beer. The idea is a "flea" market that rotates locations, usually unusual spots, and features unique vendors; it is called el mercado pop up. It reminds me of the Brooklyn flea, which I try to go every time I'm in NY.

Here are some pics so you have and idea...

A lot of interesting things to see and eat! And there were also some local breweries ....

tres gatos cerveceria

central cerveceria
I'm really happy these things are happening in PTY, it is such a great, young city with so much to do.

We also visited Casa Bruja brewing which is one of our usual stops every time we visit. It's such a nice brewery and the beers are soooo amazing! They are also known for their collaborations with Stone Brewing and Cerveceria Insurgente from Mexico (Bruja Insurgente is my favorite!!)

Such fun was had by all !!


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