Brew wife (/bro͞o wīf/) : a sophisticated lady married to a wonderful man who is obsessed with making (beer, ale, etc.) by steeping, boiling, and fermenting malt and hops while turning our small apartment into a chaotic mess and completely taking over the fridge to fill it with beer.

sunday fun day

Sundays are usually relaxing, most of the time we spend it at home just hanging out while we do some chores. Today we organized our pantry..... or as we like to call it....Narnia!
We have a pretty large pantry (thank goodness), and that is were all of the brewing equipment is stored.

We all also keep the toiletries, some of our cleaning supplies, craft stuff, gardening tools, and pet related stuff in there.

This is what Narnia looks like....
yes...pretty intense! But this is our largest storage area in the apartment.... and at least Laz keeps the walls fun with 'beer art" 
After we organized we went out to a couple local spots for some much needed beer....
This is at the Titanic Brewery, our go-to neighborhood place.
Ambar is drinking: Shipbuilder's Oatmeal Stout
Laz is drinking: Steve's Ride Session IPA 
And this is at Sports Grill... with some wings of course :)
Ambar is drinking: Stone Brewing Company Coffee Milk Stout
Laz is drinking: Cigar City Happening Now IPA

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